Peek at the Week: An Early Learning Plan

Peek at the Week

Peek at the Week is a weekly plan that will guide you on your homeschooling or preschooler’s early learning journey. If you have struggled to decide what to teach the kids at home, than please take a peek at our weekly play based plan and find ways to incorporate learning into everyday play. 

Peek at the Week An Early Learning Plan | @bisforbookworm


This Week We are Working on…



  • Talking about Martin Luther King Jr…Was he a hero? Discuss the concept of fair and not fair using picture cards.
  • Science: exploring with moon sand, mixing cornstarch and baby oil.
  • Working on our first name/ last name journal.



  • Listening to the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know it”. Kids must hop, spin, jump, etc. when given directions.
  • Begin a word journal – Write words in our journal using words that end in (-at). For example, mat, pat, cat, etc.



  • Explore what looks like snow. Let children work with baking soda and shaving cream to make “pretend snow”.
  • Make a number chart 1-15 using  different items. For example, stickers, pompoms, sticks, etc.



  • Dancing with scarves to music. Children will use both coordination and movement to develop gross motor skills.
  • Mystery Box: Recognize Beginning letter sounds using a theme. For example, fruits, the “B”, or shapes. Then extend the activity by hiding the items and asking them to find one. For example, find a fruit that starts with the beginning letter sound “Ba-ba-ba”, then they search for a banana, etc.



  • Memory Game: Which is the missing toy. Collect a few of your kids favorite toys, then set them out, and go over their names. Then ask them to close their eyes. While they cannot see, remove one toy. When they look back at the toys ask “which one is the missing toy?”.
  • Playing Hopscotch, counting by 10’s. Ex. 10, 20, 30, 40…



This week we are achieving the following skills…



  • Learning how to wait our turn and sharing placement in line.
  • What is fair and unfair.

Try these picture cards –  MLK: Just or Unjust Printable from Elementary Matters 



Life Skills

  • Taking care of our toys in our room.
  • Cleaning up arts & crafts area.
  • Clean up after writing in our journals and sharpening the pencils.

Learn the best way to sharpen colored pencils from Art is Fun

Peek at the Week - How to Sharpen Colored Pencils from | @bisforbookworm

These coloring books from Thaneeya McArdle of Art is Fun are amazing



Language – Literacy

  • Letter recognition: uppercase and lower case letters.
  • working on the letter “B b”.
  • Rhyming words: dock, clock – mat, cat – shoe, two.

Follow the Letter ABC Pinterest Board by Meet Penny

The Rhyming Word Families Pinterest Board from Morah Hess

Learning Resources Letter Construction Activity Set
Peek at the Week - @Bisforbookworm


Science and Sensory


Try this pretend snow version from Kid Minds – with instant potato flakes

Peek at the Week - Arctic Winter Sensory Play from | @bisforbookworm

Arctic Play Winter Sensory from Kidminds



Fine and/or Gross Motor Skills

  • Balancing and using scarves to develop gross motor skills.
  • How to hold a pencil correctly through hand writing practice.

Peek at the Week - Tips for Teaching Correct Pencil Grasp by the | @bisforbookworm

Teach how to grasp a pencil from The Stay at home Educator ( The image says it all)

Follow this Pinterest Board – Writing for Little Hands

These Twist N Grip Penagain pencils work wonders

Try the Alligator Technique from Sight and Sound Reading

  • Balance on one foot.

Chalk & Marbles bundle for hopscotch

Simply Sweet Fabric 35″ Hemmed Square Play Scarves Bundle of 6



Math – Manipulative

  • Counting 1-15. 
  • One to one correspondence.
  • Concept to ordinal numbers. (First, second, third,etc.)

Try these 15 printable counting cards roundup from Play dough to Plato

Free lessons & Printables on One to One Correspondence from The Measured Mom



Books, Poems, & Songs


 Peek at the Week - Llama llama Red Pajama | @Bisforbookworm

                                                          “Llama, Llama red pajama

                                                                         waiting, waiting for his mama.

                                                                               Mama isn’t coming yet.

                                                                             Baby Llama starts to fret.”




Peek at the Week - The Cat that Sat. | @bisforbookworm




Peek at the Week is an outline of our weekly plans on B is for Bookworm. This plan is flexible, based on your family’s schedule and what your child likes most of all. When kids show no interest in our plans, don’t give up, just leave it out as an invitation for them to visit at a different time.

If you’ve struggled with Parenting, do not feel bad, we’ve all been there. That’s what blogging friends are for, we can support each other through the difficult mommy moments or the successful ones. 

I’ve found so much support from another blogger, Nina of Sleeping Should be Easy. She has great tips and if you haven’t read her book, “Parenting on Purpose”, than please take a look. She has helped me through some tough parenting moments and has a great site. Here is Nina’s latest post – Toddler Routines: How to Structure your Day.  For more info visit my affiliate link to “Parenting on Purpose”.

Have you started a homeschooling curriculum with your kids? What works for you the best?

I am open to suggestions and I will be happy to share your link with our readers on Peek at the Week!

Until next time, friend!

Learn it, Love it, Share it.

Peek at the week: An Early Learning Plan on @bisforbookworm

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  • Tori

    Love this Rachel! I have a preschooler and these are great ideas!!

    • Thank you Tori for stopping by☺. I hope you get to use some of these with your little one.

  • Wow! This is for preschool! They are learning so much already! Amazing! I think they are learning more than my boy at Reception. I think I will need to start this with my #2. She will be starting preschool soon. Thank you for linking up with us. #FabFridayPost x

    • IKR! Thanks for stopping by Su ☺ and I’ll see you at the Fab Friday Post tomorrow. Thanks for an amazing linkup!

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  • What a great and comprehensive way to show a preschool schedule. I have a preschool aged daughter and I would love to try this on her (we won’t be enrolling her to an actual preschool until the spring…). Thanks so much for sharing this on #SHINEbloghop this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you for hosting the #Shinebloghop and for the kind words Maria ! 🙂 I am featuring the blog hop on B is for Bookworm’s Weekly Link-up Parties page. Same to you, have a great weekend and see you next week on the blog hop.

  • This is such an amazing guide, Rachael! Definitely sharing and thank you for the direct links to free resources! I especially liked the math resources.

    • Thank you Eva! I agree that the free resources are so great to find. I love reading your blog for kids activities, free resources, and the beautiful pics you take. 💕