B is for Bookworm : About Page


B is for Bookworm : About Page

Welcome to B is for bookworm ! I’m Rachael and I am the mama to one amazing 4-year-old girl named Sophia. Our young family loves curling up to read a book, cooking, singing nursery rhymes loudly and exploring nature in Sunny Hollywood Florida. Sophia is my inspiration for starting this site to document our journey of home schooling with a foundation based on reading books, phonemic awareness, story telling, and play based learning.

Before beginning my own blog here on B is for Bookworm, I often found myself googling parenting advice. Go figure, right? Believe it or not, getting help from other moms online was the lifeline that put raising my child into perspective. The help I received was such a blessing and I still follow the blogs that I read every night when my DD is sleeping. They are like my mom or a BFF that I turn to for advice (except it’s at 3 am).

I became confident in my new found parenting skills and I was seeing my little girl benefit from them. For instance, I can make a smiley face fruit salad that would please the pickiest of eaters, or I will redirect a tantrum throwing toddler just like a Zen master Jedi! Yeah, I became very passionate about teaching my child and being a better parent, and I want to talk about it with everyone. Most of all, I want to help the parent who is up at 3 am googling, “Why won’t my baby sleep?” lol, sleeping should be easy, shouldn’t it? 

That’s why I blog, to reach one person who is struggling to find answers and say, “You are not alone, and you’re doing fine. Here, look at what we did and see if it can help your circumstance.”

About B is for bookworm


   We focus on what comes naturally for us and I encourage my little learner to become independent and increase her attention span through her lessons. I am now completely dedicated to home schooling for now and want to share our journey. Along the way we will share what works and what has not worked for us and believe there is not a right or wrong way to follow this information. These learning moments are continuously posted here on B is for bookworm and will usually be tied together to a specific book title to help branch out to all the daily lessons.

    Wishing you a beautiful and successful year! Don’t forget to subscribe to Bisforbookworm.com for all the fun updates and activities to keep our little ones at home content. Contact me about guest blogging opportunities or for advertising at Rachael@bisforbookworm.com. On Twitter Rachael@Rachael40711 and follow our Facebook page on Facebook.com/Bisforbookworm.

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