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 Hire me for your blogging, writing, and web development needs. I am open to working with brands and advertisers who fit the match of this blog. If you think you’d be a good fit, I’d love for you to email me at Rachael@bisforbookworm.com so we can start today.


I have a very engaged community on B is for Bookworm and within social media that are always sharing, researching, and following home school or parenting solutions for the early years and product/company reviews.


My sponsorship strategy is to help you grow. I will start your month of sponsorship by asking what area you’re interested in growing and then tailoring my social media promotions to match your goals for your brand advertising. If you want someone who’s committed to growing their blog and your brand, than you have come to the right place!


Here are some of the ways you can hire me & partner with B is for Bookworm:

  • Product Reviews 
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Side Bar/In Post Ads
  • Guest Posts
  • Twitter Party/ Social Media Shout Outs


If you have ideas to collaborate with me, email Rachael@bisforbookworm.com. I want to hear from you! Send me an email. Or you can purchase a review here.

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