Peek at the Week 2 : An Early Learning Plan

Peek at the Week 2

Peek at the Week 2 is a weekly plan that will guide you on your homeschooling or preschooler’s early learning journey. If you have struggled to decide what to teach the kids at home, than please take a peek at our weekly play based plan and find ways to combine learning into everyday play. 


Peek at the Week - 2 on Bisforbookworm

For Peek at the Week 2 we are working on…



  • Taking care of the environment and nature.
  • Sort and classify our findings on a nature walk.
  • Science Experiment: Mixing club soda and raisins together and predicting the outcome.


  • Matching upper case and lower case letters.
  • Practice writing first and last name in a writing journal.



  • String a Story: Start a sentence as a beginning mark for a story, then take turns adding on a sentence to create a story.
  • Sequence a Story: What comes first, second, third, and so on in the story?
  • Arts & Crafts



  • The Pictionary Game: Take turns guessing what each other is drawing on the board.
  • Continue writing first and last name in their writing journal.



  • Read the Story: The Busy Tree
  • Dancing and singing: The Green Grass Grows All Around.
  • Arts & Crafts




This week we are achieving the following skills…



  • Building an appreciation for nature by discovering and exploring objects like rocks, twigs, and leaves that are naturally found in the environment.


Nature Journal via

31 days of Exploring Nature by Amy’s Wanderings

12 Months of Nature Walks by Bambini Travel 

Winter Nature Walk Freebie Printable by Green Grubs Garden Club on TPT

Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable by The Measured Mom


Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt img
                                      Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt by I am Momma Hear me Roar

For younger kids, you can cut and tape the above image to the top of an empty egg carton. That way there is a place to store each item as its collected. 

Check out the post about a Day in the Life here on B is for Bookworm on flowers.

Life Skills

  • Taking care of plants at home or in the yard.

Planting Seeds with Kids by Teaching 2 and 3 Year-olds

Montessori Themed Plant Activities by Modern Parents Messy Kids

How to Create your First Fairy Garden by Empress of Dirt



Language – Literacy

  • Letter recognition.
  • Writing our last name.
  • Working on the letter “F f”.

Story sequencing printables by What the Teacher Wants

Letter F Worksheets Free Kids Printables by Kids Activities Blog

Letter Matching by Kindergarten Smarts


Letter Matching by Kindergarten Smarts
  Letter Matching by Kindergarten Smarts


Spin and write your name game by The Printable Princess


Spin and Write your Name by The Printable Princess
 Spin and Write your Name by The Printable Princess



Science and Sensory

  • Scientific Inquiry: Experiment with club soda and raisins.
  • Learning about Leaves.
  • Pictionary Family Fun

Introduction to Scientific Observation: Dancing Raisins by Shannon’s Tot School 

How Do Leaves Breathe by Kcedventures

Disney Pictionary by Bombshell Bling




Fine and/or Gross Motor Skills

  • Explore and demonstrate different postures through music.
  • Arts & crafts


Action and Movement Songs by Patty Shukla


Make a nature sun catcher craft on Coffee Cups and Crayons.

20 crafts using items found in nature by Red Ted Art

Chalk nature pai MeriCherry


Chalk Nature Painting by MeriCharry




Math – Manipulative

  • Classifying
  • Sorting
  • Estimation Jar

Montessori Nature Tray Sorting and Counting by Living Montessori Now

“Ishful Math” Estimation Jars Inspired by the Book: Ish by Peter H. Reynolds on Mama Papa Bubba

"Ishful Math" Estimation Jars
  “Ishful Math” Estimation Jars by Mama Papa Bubba




Books, Poems, & Songs


Ish by Peter Reynolds

Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry

Plant & Grow Set

  • Song: The Green Grass Grows All Around by The Learning Station


In the Garden Poem by Sharon Berschwinger on TPT



Please note that The Peek at the Week is an outline of our weekly plans on B is for Bookworm. This plan is flexible, based on your family’s schedule and what your child likes most of all. When kids show no interest in our plans, don’t give up, just leave it out as an invitation for them to visit at a different time.


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Have you planned a weekly homeschooling curriculum with your kids? What works for you the best?

I am open to suggestions and I will be happy to share your link with our readers on Peek at the Week!

Until next time, friend!

Learn it, Love it, Share it.

Peek at the week: An Early Learning Plan on @bisforbookworm

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  • So many fantastic resources! What works for us? I guess similar to what you have. I have many different things planned on a weekend and during the week I can direct my kids toward one activity or another depending on their mood and interest.

  • Wow! very informative post! How I wish I have all these ideas for my kids, so educational and still enables them to learn through play. Thanks for sharing! #FabFridayPost

    • Thank you and I also share this for parents to follow along with me here on B is for Bookworm. Some times kids will love these activities or they will not be interested at all, and that’s okay. At least these are some simple and educational ideas to have on hand when the kids get bored. Just throw together something from this week or any other week of plans and slowly get them adapted to sitting for a few minutes everyday to read, play, or do arts & crafts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on

  • Laura – threesypeasy

    This is a fab plan with some great ideas. I feel like I need to structure my week better with certain activities for the kids at home so I think I’ll visit you’re blog more often for inspiration. #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks Laura! That means a lot to me and I look forward to connecting with you here on Peek at the Week on the #FabFridayPost link-up.

  • I love the letter matching with clothespins. What a great idea!

    • Yes thank you! The letter matching is a really great way to match upper case to lower case letters, as well as working on strengthening their pencil grasp through fine motor activities, like pinching the clothespins. Thank you for visiting Jenny and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jenny ☺. I am glad you liked it.

  • Lisa Nelson

    These are awesome activities and awesome suggestions, Rachel. Seriously! I am loving the close pin letter matching activity. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thank you Lisa ☺. I love that I already have clothes pins on hand and I bought them for a dollar. The activities that are easy to set up are the best! I look forward to connecting with you and please share with us how it goes if you do the letter matching.

  • There are so many great activities here. I really like the Wednesday story writing. My boy is currently learning about bird at school at the moment and he is really enjoying it. I like the ‘Letter Matching by Kindergarten Smarts’ – very clever! I will be pinning these – hope that is okay with you. Thank you for linking up with us. #FabFridayPost

    • Thank you Su, and pin away. I love sharing on Pinterest. Learning about birds is a good reason to get outside to search for them with binoculars ☺.