The Reading is Awesome Reading Challenge

B is for Bookworm’s August Reading Challenge!


The Reading is Awesome reading challenge has arrived and with it the hopes of encouraging our kids to read a variety of books with fun characters and stories. We are aiming to read at home for 30 minutes in the evening 25 different times this month. Read on to learn about why this is a fun, simple reading challenge that’s for the whole family.


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After your child has read each evening, initial inside the box on the Home Reading Progress Chart that is available below. 

Each morning have your child put a sticker on their Reading Record charts if they have read the previous evening. When your child has completed reading 25 times, and you have signed inside each box on his/her chart, celebrate with a special prize or a certificate of achievement to congratulate your child’s efforts! 


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I hope that this reading program will encourage you and your child to read books together that are filled with colorful characters and plots each evening and make reading fun!

To make this even more motivating, share your pictures and progress with us on the B is for Bookworm’s Facebook page and one lucky reader will win a $20 Visa gift card at the end of the August Reading Program! Good luck and happy reading!

*Note: This giveaway has ended.


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Note: You are welcome to share this with others. Please share, pin, tweet, recommend or forward the August Reading Challenge with credit back to B is for Bookworm. I have also attached a list of book titles that we will be reading during this challenge. It is not necessary to follow this but the list will come in handy if you go to the library or if you order your books online as a recommendation for early readers. Ages 3-5 – Children’s Books / Featured in Books: Books


Here is a printable Award Certificate, & Reading Progress Chart on the PDF version of the Reading Challenge:


Above is a direct link to Amazon for reviews and pricing for each book. Please note that I’m an Amazon affiliate and when and if you make a purchase through my link I will be compensated a small commission at no extra charge to you. Any commission earned helps to keep the content on B is for Bookworm free and is greatly appreciated. 

Visit Books a million’s Kids page and search for more book titles.

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Have you completed a reading challenge with your family before? Do you think this challenge is easy enough to complete with early learners? I want to hear feedback from you, please share your tips in the comments area 🙂 .



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  • Does 30 mins of reading before bed help to calm down your kids ?

  • I’m big on challenges. So, I’m always coming up with something. Sometimes reading is the only way to calm kids down at the end of the day. So, I incorporate one hour of reading before bed!

    • Thanks for sharing with us Eva! I will try to extend our reading routine little by little and see how we do.