Spring Cleaning and 10 Books for Spring Reading

Spring time has arrived and if you haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning, don’t worry you aren’t the only one! I agree with FlyLady, who offers tips and tricks on getting housework under control, take baby steps and jump in where you are.


Spring Cleaning & Books



Fly Lady has some cleaning checklists labeled by zones that come in handy and may keep our heads from spinning from the amount of cleaning that has to be complete.

I took this advice and decided to start small and organize our book shelf. Sort through the collection of books and decide if some titles can be sold, donated or kept. If you decide to sell them, one option is the Amazon Trade in Program which I discovered through an encouraging site called Snail Pace Transformations. The best part is that Amazon pays for the shipping and sends you an Amazon gift card for your earnings!





Out with the old, In with the new as they say. Check out Belle Maison’s examples and tips on how to create a well styled bookshelf. Now that we are feeling much better about how our bookshelves look, its time for spring reading. Here is a fun filled list of children’s books for Spring reading that will look great on any bookshelf.

10 Books to Read this Spring


How do you tackle spring cleaning? Please feel free to share any tips and/or book titles that you are using in the comments.



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  • definiteky good ideas and points. I’m going to be moving soon and need to find a way to sort through all my belongings and almost 10 boxes of books. Very daunting

    • Hi Portia, thank you for reading and I wish you a successful move. I love the feeling of a fresh start once all the hard work is done 🙂