The ABC’s of Homeschooling

** The ABC’s of Homeschooling originated from Alpha Omega Publications, a christian homeschooling curriculum, as a helpful tip for homeschooling.

Print and pin this up on the wall to remind you of why you’ve started the journey of homeschooling and to center your train of thought when and if you fall off track. This may help with practicing the alphabet with early learners as well!


A – Attentive. Be sensitive to your child’s “learning edge” and customize your curriculum to meet their interests. Use the benefits of one-on-one interaction to make the most of your teaching time.

B – Brave. Be ready to face the challenges from those who question your decision to home school. Going against the educational flow will require strength of character to “speak the truth in love.”

C – Curriculum. Choose a curriculum that best suites the needs of your child.

D – Disciplined. Keep a focused and determined mind-set for completing your daily tasks and your homeschooling routine will get easier and flow a lot smoother.

E – Enthusiastic. Stay positive and remember that learning is fun!

F – Friendly. No man is an island. Develop relationships with other homeschooling families. Not only will your children appreciate the social interaction, but you will also enjoy encouragement from other home school parents.

G – Grateful. Teaching your children is a privilege. Be thankful with a humble spirit.

H – Hardworking. Determine to complete the endless, daily tasks of maintaining a home and homeschooling your children.

I – Ingenious. Creative thinking is a must to keep learning fun and inspirational.

J – Jolly. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). Have fun when you’re teaching and learn to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.

K – Kind. Let your speech and actions show tender love and kindness. After all, it takes just as much energy to say and do something nice as it does to do something mean.

L – Long-suffering. Homeschooling is a life-long adventure with lasting benefits. It’s always too early to quit!

M – Mushy. When it comes to homeschooling children, sincere words of appreciation, hugs, and kisses are always a good idea.

N – Neat. As much as possible, keep your home clean and tidy.

O – Organized. Keep up with lesson plans, grading, and transcripts to meet state requirements.

P – Professional. Work to the best of your ability and don’t let a half-hearted approach ruin your homeschooling day.

Q – Quiet. Your calm spirit provides the peaceful learning environment your children need to learn best.

R – Respectful. Never make fun of your children. Remember that every question is a good question, no matter how many you answer each day.

S – Smiley. Smiles are contagious.

T – Teachable. Teachers never know it all, so keep learning right along with your children.

U – Unselfish. Share all that you have to help your children succeed. The rewards always outweigh the costs.

V – Virtuous. Be a truthful homeschooling parent who displays integrity in thought, word, and deed. Mean what you say and do what you promise.

W – Wise. Use your time wisely by making lists and scheduling all daily learning time, errands, etc.

XExemplary. – Since children learn best by example, you are the best home school curriculum they’ll ever have!

Y – Youthful. Stay young at heart and never grow too old to play with your children.

Z – Zealous. Protect your homeschooling rights. Defend the cause by keeping informed and getting involved in your state’s political process.

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